Houston…We Have A Problem

It’s always tragic when someone who has been blessed with such talent and promise ends up dissolving into a pathetic cliche.

Singer Whitney Houston died yesterday February 11, 2012. Though the cause of death has yet to be determined, I cannot help but speculate, given her well publicized past, that the 48 year old Houston, who some are calling “the greatest singer to ever grace the planet”, sadly allowed drugs and / or alcohol to contribute to her untimely demise.

In no way should we, as a society, allow her demons to overshadow her contributions and accomplishments as an artist.

But unfortunately we will. It’s just how we are.

We love to glorify drug addicts and train wrecks. The only thing we love to glorify more … are famous drug addicts and famous train wrecks…
And the only thing we love more than THAT? Dead famous drug addicts and dead famous train wrecks.

Tonight is the Grammy Awards. No doubt there will be a lot of people paying their respects to Ms. Houston. I only hope those praising her tonight, do so with extreme caution and use good judgement. Focus on the good, but Let’s not ignore her demons. What message will we be sending our children by glorifying such a troubled soul? Lets not hold her up TOO high.

When we praise her for her powerful and angelic voice and her artistic accomplishments, lets be sure to remind people that a majority of her success was earned as a younger and wiser Whitney. A Whitney that wasnt ravaged and corrupted by drugs and alcohol. Lets remind the children that her downfall only began when she lost control of her life and allowed her disease to sabotoge her entire life. We owe that to the new crop of pop stars. Maybe they can learn from this tragedy. More than that, we owe that to the children. After all, they are the future. Lead them well and let them lead the way.

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2 Responses to Houston…We Have A Problem

  1. Antoine says:



  2. Grandma Death says:

    Whoa there Antoine… a ‘baster of a bitch’? Did you mean to type ‘Bastard’? Or do you really mean someone who bastes bitches? And if you did, what are these bitches being basted with? Maybe I shouldn’t ask.
    Did you accidentally uncap while typing ‘really know how to’?
    You need to retype this comment of yours because I don’t think it was supposed to make me laugh.

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