When Did High School kids Become Such Chicken-shit Little Fuckers?

When did high school kids become such chicken-shit little fuckers?

This morning, there was yet again, another horrific and cowardly school shooting.
This time, at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio.

Cleveland television station WKYC is reporting that
at least four students were injured during the shooting
that took place around 7:30am this morning in the cafeteria.
Police say the shooter was a student.

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Parmertor died as a result of the shooting.
Russell King Jr., 17, was flown to Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center
where he was treated but pronounced brain dead on Monday, NBC News reported.

I used to love the cafeteria. It was the one place in school I
could let my guard down and relax. Enjoy some slop and a carton of warm milk.
Talk with my friends about girls and stare at the cool table and wonder
why the hell wasn’t I sitting at it? Shooting people while they eat and socialize?
What a shit thing to do .. and even shittier place to do it.
Like shooting fish in a barrel. So innocent & vulnerable. What a coward.

I understand a lot of kids have deep psychological issues
that stem from numerous situations. Who knows what “triggers”
a kid to throw a firearm in their book bag and play Call of Duty
with real people – turning innocent teachers and fellow classmates in to victims.

The story almost always ends up revolving around
some white male between 14-18 years old. Some shy, pathetic, weak soul
who has been picked on, abused, or some confused fragile little flower whose parents
didn’t hug him enough. Maybe even all of the above.

The things is, there are SO MANY kids feeling that way.
It’s normal at some point to feel those things growing up.
It’s not what you are feeling that defines you.
It’s how you deal with those feelings that define you as a human being.
Life is all about dealing with shit.
To use an over-used cliche, what do you do when life throws you a lemon?

What ever this idiot was feeling this morning when he woke up,
I’m willing to bet there were 10 – 20 other kids at the same school
feeling the exact same pressure, the same confusion and the same anger..at whatever.
The difference is, they didn’t bring a gun to school.
They found other ways to deal with their shit.
Not this kid. He decided to play God.

In our day, a kid would get pissed and throw his desk at the teacher.
Now, these little bitch ass cowards are packing heat. Killing innocent people
because of their inability to deal with their emotions.
So who is at fault? The parents? The schools? The bullies? Clay Aiken? Slayer?
No. It’s the dipshit who is smoking people in the lunch line.
It ends there. With the shooter.

I have no tolerance for this crap.
If you bring a gun to school and shoot people,
you should be executed. 9 times out of 10, the shooter is usually shot and killed
or he does the world a favor and shoots himself. But if for some reason, the shooter survives?
He should be … suspended… from breathing. Legally of course.

He should be stretched out on a table and pumped full of juicy chemicals that cook his
arteries. While having to wear a dunce cap of course, so the rest of us can point and laugh.

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3 Responses to When Did High School kids Become Such Chicken-shit Little Fuckers?

  1. Latest from Chardon: One student confirmed dead. Two at Hillcrest hospital: male, in serious condition, female in satisfactory condition.

  2. Grandma Death says:

    Well said. Why can’t they just become “That Emo Kid” shut up in their room with black out curtains listening to My Chemical Romance while painting their nails black.

  3. Thanks for the update SV VGN – and Grandma Death, I for one, do not care how kids deal with their issues. As long as it doesnt involve killing people or putting themselves in harms way.

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