Lindsay Lohan A Much Better Junky Than Actress

Now that Lindsay Lohan’s publicity stunt of hosting Saturday Night Live is over,
can we please stop pretending that she is anything other than a punchline?

I’ve seen hubcaps that have more acting ability than this woman.
To refer to her as an actress is a complete insult to the profession.
She should stick to snorting lines instead of trying to remember them.

By all outward appearances, she seems to be a much better junky than actress.

A lot of actors and actresses bust their ass to perfect their craft.
They respect the art. The live and breathe it. They practice.
They study the greats. They dream of simply earning an opportunity to
prove themselves. Sadly, they are the ones we rarely see or hear from.
They are busy working odd jobs making little pay to live from day to day,
while Hollyweird passes them by for cheap, bottom of the barrel train wrecks.

As with today’s music industry, talent is simply not that important.
It is no longer a necessity to deliver quality.. In fact, I’m starting to think
that having heart, passion and talent actually works against you in the entertainment industry.
You ask why? Because we are stoopid.

We have been force-fed low grade bullshit for so long, that we simply accept it now. From politics to entertainment.
Not only do we accept it, we fuckin’ love it!
We are fascinated with the Snookies of the world and consider computers a musical instrument.
When we have no expectations, we become satisfied with shit.
(SEE Nicki Minaj and Linday Lohan.)

Hollywood tries their damnedest to turn crack whores into relevant celebrities.
And with TV shows and websites like Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew and TMZ, they succeed.

The TV industry is a lot like the music industry now. Overpopulated with mediocre talent.
While real talent takes a backseat to the mainstream, reality stars and karaoke singers have
become America’s Xanax. A quick fix. Sadly, our society is eating it up…like pacman eating up all the shit pellets that
Hollywood squirts out. We can’t seem to get enough.

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